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Emergency Care in Memphis

For emergency care in Memphis, you want to make sure that you see professionals who have the training and skill to provide you with what you need. At Doctors Express – Memphis, TN, we have physicians on staff who are experienced in both general and urgent-care medical treatment. Our facility is fully equipped to deal with your non life-threatening issue, and we are here when others are closed!

Even if your life isn’t at stake, you may be suffering from a medical condition that should still be treated quickly. Nobody wants to wait overnight or over the weekend when they’re suffering from excessive pain or feeling extremely ill. Doctors Express – Memphis, TN is open every day of the week, and we keep extended hours for your convenience. There’s no reason to pay escalated hospital emergency room prices when you can get affordable, top-quality treatment here.

We have a CLIA certified laboratory right here on the premises, so we can provide on-site testing while you wait. We also have x-ray equipment here so we can quickly diagnose injuries. We’ll be happy to give you copies of your x-rays or results of your tests so you can bring them to your regular doctor. Reports of your treatment can be sent to your primary physicians through secure email or fax upon request.

Need vaccinations for overseas travel? We can provide those too! Simply come in when it fits your schedule and we’ll be happy to help.

If you need emergency care in Memphis, you’ll get the help you need at Doctors Express – Memphis, TN. Our treatment facility offers the comfortable environment of a regular doctor’s office, but with hours that extend far beyond when your doctor is available. Please call us if you have any questions.

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